Do you love the Earth's energy too?

Even as a child, I have always been fascinated by gemstones, rocks and minerals. My first prized gem was a plain tiny pebble from a historical location I picked up as a toddler. I still have that rock today!

I love all of Earth's artwork! Nature makes color combinations that would make a painter jealous! And as I learned about all the beneficial energies and properties of crystals, I was eager to meditate, carry and work with them. I found my love of jewelry and my love of crystals was the perfect marriage.

Why carry a medicine bag or just sit stones around when you can wear them on the go, everywhere, all day, every day and stack, layer and mix and match them? What a great way to benefit from their unique energies while making a great fashion statement as well! I truly feel skin contact is the strongest way to work with a crystal.

As my creativity urged me to make the items I wanted to work with, it grew into a desire to share those items with others. I am flattered to know people all over the globe are wearing my creations.

I am blessed to offer these items to you and any others you can imagine! Custom creations are my passion and are always welcome!



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